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While choosing for a prospective home amenities and essentials is important criteria that people look for. Security, comfort, and luxury are what Camella Batangas City promises to provide. At Camella, we have tried our best to blend in the Floridian architecture with modern design and built homes for you. Executing smart construction, we have included numerous facilities and amenities in the property. All the features and luxuries that these property offers are among the best provided in the current market. You are sure to fall in love with it and make it your permanent address.

  1. 24*7 Security - We understand that security of a family is a major concern nowadays. Camella Batangas City is a gated community which is guarded by security day and night. Cameras are installed all around the property. The entrance and exit points are secured by the security guards, who keep track of all the exits and entrances happening in the society. This helps keep the property under surveillance and security can act fast in case of an emergency.
  2. Clubhouse For Residents - A clubhouse having all modern gaming and dining amenities is accommodated in the property. The residents can enjoy sports as well as other recreational activities there and unwind themselves from work stress. It also has a community hall meetings or discussions related to the society can be arranged.
  3. Jogging Path – In current lifestyle, people have become health conscious. For all joggers and marathon enthusiasts, a separate jogging path is built for your daily workout or marathon practice.
  4. Playground – Ample space is provided to accommodate playgrounds in the property. It can be used by everyone, from kids to adults. Kids can play around in the parks and even adults can enjoy their early morning or evening walks.
  5. Swimming Pool - A big sized swimming pool is present on the property that can be used by the residents. Kids can take advantage of the swimming pool and learn some swimming skills. Hence, you won’t have to take membership of another club outside the society for your kid to learn swimming.
  6. Concrete Fencing - To maintain high-quality security, a concrete fence encloses the houses and the property. A barbed wire fence goes on top of the concrete fencing. This makes your home completely secure and protects the property as well. 
  7. Concrete Smooth Roads - For easy movement within the property, smooth concrete roads are constructed. This ensures smooth movement of vehicles inside the society campus.
  8. Centralized Water Supply - A centralized water supply system is built in the society. This ensures a constant supply of clean water to all households. With this constant supply of clean water, residents can lead a healthy life.
  9. Underground Water Drainage System - keeping a society clean is important from the health perspective. Hence an underground drainage system is incorporated in the property for comfortable living of the residents.
  10. Property Management – Maintaining the society is not an easy task. In this busy lifestyle, residents won’t have enough time to spend on maintaining the place. Hence a property management team is appointed to take care of daily proceedings in the society. These professionals are dedicated people who are appointed to resolve a resident’s problem without any hassle.
  • Swimming Pool
  • Playground
  • Jogging Path
  • Clubhouse
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